Aseem Wangoo
Integration Testing in Flutter
  1. Setup for integration tests
  2. Using Robot pattern for testing
  3. Test the app
  4. (Optional) Recording performance
Integration Testing in Flutter

Setup for integration tests

Integration testing (also called end-to-end testing or GUI testing) is…

Google SignIn Compose
  1. Integrating the Google SignIn
  2. MVVM architecture
  3. Using Moshi to send data
  4. (Optional) Check for the previously signed-in user
Google SignIn Compose

Integrating the Google SignIn

Prerequisite: You need to have a project inside the…

Using WorkManager in Android
  1. Create Custom WorkManager
  2. Create OneTimeWorkRequest
  3. Create PeriodicWorkRequest
  4. Write Tests for Workers (step2 and step3)
Using WorkManager in Android

Create Custom WorkManager

In case you are new to…

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